HEX Website

HEX is a free workshop series offered by Innovative Design to UC Berkeley students. Workshops are led by members of Innovative Design and take place over a weekend. Each workshop focuses on a different design principle.

I actually created the HEX website three times over three semesters, but here I choose to share the intial design, from Spring 2016, which is my favorite.

Concept and Design

Since HEX was a fairly new event, there was no previous website. I was given the flyers which had the orange color and the head shown above.

I wanted to make the landing somewhat interesting, since the whole thing was going to be relatively simple with just a list of instructors and what they were teaching. Therefore, I decided to jump into Illustrator and quickly invert the colors of the logo, creating a cool hover animation by stacking the two images on top of each other.

The rest of the website was fairly straightforward. I just needed to created an about page explaining what HEX was and a section for the schedule. Since workshops often ran in parallel during the same timeslots, and there were two separate days that workshops happened, I opted to display the days side by side with each timeslot having two workshops that could be expanded further onclick, so as to make the schedule easier and more efficient to read.

Check out this iteration of the site live. The repo is located on my GitHub.