Cal Day Marketing

For Cal Day, the Innovative Design Marketing team decided to make post cards to pass out to the prospective freshmen. Each member made at least one graphic of a building on campus and all of them were combined to go on the final postcard.

Sather Gate

I chose Sather Gate since it is the entrance of Berkeley and a prominent landmark. I actually had a really hard time fleshing out the details once I got the basic outline done, since I tend to oversimplify my designs. My friend Tina helped me by asking me to take a look at pictures of the real Sather Gate and filling in more details based on the real thing.

Basically, when I first started, all I had was the green and grey pillars because I wasn't sure how to add details and I was admittedly afraid of making anything too complicated. Luckily, I was able to get help from my fellow marketing members by asking for advice directly and looking at each of their works, which you can check out below in the final postcard iteration.

I'm honored that so many prospective freshmen and current UC Berkeley students now own something that I helped contribute to!